Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chesterfield Furniture Provides Stately Elegance

I recently visited the showroom of a local retailer who has a reputation for carrying some of the best-made leather furniture in our area. I stood there, surrounded by overstuffed leather sofas from Italy, artistic contemporary designs from Sweden and even a rustic cowboy style living room set from here in the States. In this sea of pillow billows of almost “fluffy” leather, one line stood out. Chesterfield furniture, with its very upright British carriage and its trademark buttons is unmistakable. I could not help but think, as I gazed up on the difference between these grand duke and dames of leather furniture, that they must be somewhat scandalized at their competition’s lack of formality and class.

While Chesterfield sofas and chairs, along with many other pieces done in this signature style, are manufactured all over the world, including in this country, they still retain that aura of aristocratic British dignity that sets them at odds with fluffy pieces of furniture with too many pillows that look as if you should sleep on it instead of sit.

While I can appreciate the appeal of the newer styles, I find that I am a traditionalist at heart and prefer classic styles. Fortunately for me, today’s Chesterfield furniture can be found in a number of very decorative styles, more modern than one would expect for a couch that is built by an old-code for quality and style. I finally opted for a Chesterfield sectional. I found it offered me the blend of old and classic with new and fun that I wanted.

Thinking of buying a leather sofa? Or chair? Whatever you’re looking for, do yourself a favor and visit a showroom, or shop on-line and see the many great pieces now offered in the Chesterfield style. Who knows? There may just be a Chesterfield waiting to fill that spot in your house.

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