Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chesterfield Sofas Built With A Reputation For Quality

Some people believe, incorrectly, that any sofa that identifies itself with the word “Chesterfield” is one. Chesterfield sofas have been manufactured for centuries, but only those that can pass a rigorous inspection earn the right to be deemed “authentic”. Unlike furniture manufactured by only one company, Chesterfield is a style. Still, each and every craftsman who builds in the style adheres to basic guidelines that assure the finished product will not only be elegant and stylish, but will also be strong and durable.

The legend has it that the Earl of Chesterfield was presented with a specially commissioned piece of leather furniture sometime in the late 1500s or early 1600s. From this signature, one-of-a-kind commissioned piece began the tradition of building furniture in the “Chesterfield” style. While that story may or may not be true, the end product is singular in style and construction.

Chesterfield sofas, chairs, loveseats, davenports, divans and other furnishings all have the same family traits. First, their frames are constructed using prime hardwoods for durability and with extreme attention to each structural detail to ensure the durability of the unit. The padding and other filler materials are of the best quality and overlay the frame almost completely. Atop these goes the cover, usually high-grade leather that is sewn to exacting standards. The most obvious outward trait of a Chesterfield piece is the buttons, either leather covered or occasionally brass, that you’ll find on the backs of the chairs, sofas, etc. The term “buttoned down” is often used to describe this style. Some have rows and rows of buttons, others only a few. The amount is unimportant, as long as the result is stylish.

So, in short, if you find a sofa that meets all of these criteria, then you have a real Chesterfield. Anything that offers you less in the way of craftsmanship and quality of materials would be considered a fake.

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