Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tub Chairs Provide A More Comfortable Wait

I do not know that the person who designed the first tub chairs was the least bit interested in helping the misery of those with low back pain. It doesn’t matter. The fact is, that these rounded, slouch-backed chairs provide excellent lumbar support for long periods of sitting, and can alleviate much of the pain that prolonged sitting can cause. Whether it was a purposeful intention or a happy accident, the result is the same. These good-looking chairs with their rounded backs and arms are great for those with or without low back issues when it comes to long periods of sitting.

I keep harping on the “long periods” of sitting for a reason. I would like to suggest that all doctor’s offices and medical facility waiting rooms be required to replace those horrid, hard plastic chairs or those overstuffed faux-fashionable chairs, with stylish and comfortable tub chairs. This probably would not cut back one minute on the endless waits we experience in these rooms. It would, however, render the wait time far more bearable.

In order to get the doctors, clinics and hospitals to agree, I figure we could force a few dozen of these well-meaning medical professionals to spend a few hours sitting in one of their current chairs. Then, after a short break, switch out their seats. After an hour or two, we offer them an option. Which chair would you rather sit in until I have time in MY busy schedule to see you? I think we know what they’re answer would be.

Still, this exercise is still in the planning stages. I just need to find a way to get a dozen doctors and other medical professionals to obey my commands for a day. Since I don’t think that’s likely, I can only hope they will read this please. If we must sit for hours in a waiting room, please let us sit in comfort!

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